Bright colored Fiesta dinnerware was first produced in 1936 and was an immediate success. Housewives could now set tables with bright colored dinnerware for a bright breakfast, gay luncheon or cheerful dinner. After 1960, sales begin to drop and Fiesta was not produced for many years. For the 50th anniversary of the introduction of Fiesta dinnerware in 1986, Fiesta was reproduced and called “Post 86”. Throughout the late 20th century and up to today, the original manufacturer, the Homer Laughlin China Co. has continued to produce many new Fiesta colors.To make room for new colors, Homer Laughlin retires at least one color per year. Collectors continue to amass large collections of vintage, Post 86 and current Fiesta colors.

I’m a Fiesta Lilac ¼ Pound Covered Butter Dish.

SKU: FLCB101717
  • I’m a special lilac color that is particularly prized by Fiesta dinnerware collectors. I’m not really vintage but I was designed to match original Fiesta dinnerware, first offered in 1936. My color, lilac was only produced for two years: 1993 to 1995. I have been stored since 1993 and have never been used. My original box from the manufacturer, Homer Laughlin was opened for the first time for my photo and shows signs of being stored for 24 years. I, however am in beautiful original condition!


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