Art Deco first began as a French design movement at the “L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in 1925. The geometric stylings of Art Deco evolved to America and were interpreted into consumer products, fashion and architecture. One of the more famous Art Deco product companies was Chase Brass & Copper Company of Waterbury, Connecticut.

I'm a Chase Chrome Occasional Box

  • I’m a Chase Chrome Occasional Box. I’m chrome with an adorable bakelite apple lid knob. I was produced in the 1930’s by the Chase Copper and Brass Company in Waterbury, Connecticut. According to their catalog, I’m a charming box to place on any vanity table. I’m 4 ¾ inches wide X 3 inches tall. I’m marked with the distinctive Chase centaur mark. I show a little wear from all the spinning my lid has done. Overall, I’m in great condition.


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