The J. A Bauer Pottery Co. was the first to break with the tradition of white porcelain for the dinner table. In addition to their well-known and highly collected brightly colored Ring dinnerware, Bauer produced many lines of garden pottery and giftware. The Cal-Arts line was art deco inspired and reflected the design taste of the late 1930's. The designer, Ray Murray was also responsible for the streamlined, Gloss Pastel series.

I'm a Burgundy Bauer Cal-Arts Vase

SKU: BBV8217
  • Hi! I’m a Bauer burgundy gloss Cal-Arts vase. I was made in Los Angeles, California. My line, the Bauer Cal-Arts line was designed by Ray Murray between 1937 and 1941. I measure 5 ¼ inches tall and I’m in beautiful condition.


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