This adorable dinnerware was designed and produced by the Homer Laughlin China Co. in 1937 and for a few years after that. The ivory colored pieces are from Homer Laughlin’s Century line of dinnerware. The serape. Bench and hacienda-themed decal is featured on each piece along with bold hand-painted red stripping. Can you image if your job was to paint thousands of red stripes a day on cheerful cups and plates?

¡Hola! I'm a Homer Laughlin Hacienda Casserole

SKU: HLCHC101917
  • I’m a Homer Laughlin Hacienda pattern covered casserole. I’m in great condition even though my hand-painted red stripe shows wear. I’m considered “hard-to-find”, especially in my great condition. I think I look pretty good for being 80 years old!


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