In the early twentieth century, the penny was more than the low-worth piece of copper it is today. Children then, were encouraged to save their pennies “for a rainy day”. Action-packed mechanical banks helped the nation to become responsible savers. The magical action that happened with only a penny, made these banks prized and extremely popular. In the 1939 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog, you could buy a Trick Dog bank for $1.19 or 119 pennies. Today, that original bank could easily cost over $1,000! The banks in our collection are all faithful reproductions and much closer to the 1939 price tag.

The magic is still in each bank!

I'm an Artillery Reproduction Iron Bank

SKU: AB8617
  • Hi! I’m an Artillery reproduction Iron Bank. I'm 5 1/2" tall and 7" wide. My original design was made by the Sheppard Hardware Co. in Buffalo, New York. Here’s how I work: Put a coin in my cannon. Press the thumb-piece and the coin is fired into the cannon. Kids used to use exploding paper caps in the cannon’s hammer for an extra bang for their penny!


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