Hi Everyone! We've decided to sell our collection of vintage Fiesta dinnerware. We've collected Fiesta since 1975 and there are many very hard-to-find pieces in the collection. It includes Vases, Onion Soups, Mustard, and Marmelade Jars. We collected one of each item in the original 6 colors but also have many 1950's colors and Medium Green pieces. We have priced the collection at low book prices from older Huxford and Warman price guides because when we were collecting, those prices were what we paid (sometimes more). The collection prices at $78,080. We thought we'd offer it to collectors as a collection before auctioning it with an auction house or selling it by piece. Here are some pictures of pieces in the collection. There are many more. A complete inventory is available. If you have ever wanted to have an instant collection of vintage Fiesta or know someone who would like to have a great Fiesta collection and you or they are serious, please contact us here @awesomelandwizard@gmail.com.

An Entire Collection of Vintage Fiesta

SKU: 101118
  • Shipping will be planned arranged at the cost of the buyer. This large collection includes hundreds of pieces and will require special handling.


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