We Love Vintage Fiesta!

In AwesomeLand USA, we've had a long-standing love of vintage Fiesta. Every so often, we take some of our favorite pieces out. Here's a set of the original 1936 Fiesta Vases: an 8 inch tall, 10 inch tall and 12 inch tall vase and the small bud vase. These are in the original Fiesta "red". It's really a rich color of red-orange. These vases were designed in a beautiful, graceful art deco style by Frederick Rhead for the Homer Laughlin China Co. There were five original colors: Ivory, Light Green, Cobalt Blue, Yellow and Red. Turquoise was added the next year. Our collection is one of each size vase in these six colors. We know there are many Fiesta collectors who love their collections as much as we do. Happy collecting everyone!


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