November 18th is Mickey Mouse Day!

Hey Mickey- He’s so fine! In AwesomeLand, we know there are only a few celebrities who are recognized immediately with only one name- Cher, Madonna, and yes, Mickey. Most of us prefer his whole name, Mickey Mouse but either way, we all know who we’re talking about. Some of us grew up with Mickey and kids today still are. The adorable, always sweet, polite and moral Mickey has done something that is almost impossible- he’s stood the test of time. Some of us were really lucky and grew up with The Mickey Mouse Club. Of course, Mickey’s the president and CEO. There were all kinds of awesome musical numbers, related features, like Spin and Marty and great “swag” (although we called it genuine certificates, membership cards or decoder rings). They were all great but my favorite Mouseketeer will always be the beautiful Annette Funicello. Happy Mickey Mouse Day everyone!


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