Memorial Day 2018 is on May 28th!

Updated: May 28, 2018

Memorial Day is when we remember and honor the thousands of Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters who were lost while serving their country.

Most of us have had relatives who served in the United States military. You may have served yourself. On this special day, we say "Thank You" for your service. It is a special day to honor those who served and and also those who have passed away.

My Father and Uncles were proud members of the US Navy and they fought in World War II. Every Memorial Day, my Uncle, who was a member of the American Legion, would buy the artificial red poppies from the American Legion, for all of us to wear in honor of those who served and lost their lives. We always had a big dinner to honor their lost friends and heard funny and kind stories about their "buddies". My Aunt used to set a place at the table that no one sat at to honor those who had served and passed. She also served a dish or two that was a favorite food of a family member who had served in the military. My Uncle's middle name was Washington- so he loved cherries and we always had them at the table in some form.

In AwesomeLand USA, we're using red, white and blue Fiesta dinnerware to serve-up a Memorial Day feast that honors our family members who have served. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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