March 7th is National Cereal Day!

In AwesomeLand USA, we're celebrating by eating big sunflower-colored Fiesta bowls full of Lucky Charms cereal :-). Wheaties is advertised as the "breakfast of Champions" but Lucky Charms are "Magically Delicious"!

Lucky the Leprechaun has always been the spokesperson and star of the Lucky Charms cereal box. It's his birthday too. Here's a picture of the original Lucky Charms box- hey, where's Lucky?

Lucky Charms was introduced in 1964 and was created for General Mills by product developer, John Holahan. He crushed up a bunch of Cheerios and put mar-bits of his favorite candy (marshmallow orange circus peanuts) on top. Good idea, John. Have a Happy National Cereal Day, everyone!


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