Even though summer is a few weeks away, the weather in AwesomeLand USA is warm, sunny, and beautiful! All the plants at home here love the Springtime and are growing like crazy. Later in the Summer, we will need to protect them from burning but right now, they love the sunshine and 80 degree weather. All the flowers around the house are white including the jasmine, roses, vincas, and agapanthus flowering plants. Every so often, it's nice to cut a few flowers and bring them in the house. Here's a picture of fragrant jasmine blossoms in our Tangerine Fiesta Medium Vase. We hope you're enjoying Spring around your home as much as we are around ours!

I learned about Memorial Day from my Aunt and Uncle. My Uncle was a proud Navy Veteran and talked about the friends he had lost in The War. Most of them were very young and were buried "back home". After my Uncle and Father returned home from World War II, my Aunt and Uncle moved from Arkansas to Phoenix, Arizona and we did too, so that we could all be together. Every Memorial Day, my Aunt had beautiful bunches of flowers and we went to the cemetery to leave the flowers on the graves of a few family members. I didn't know whose graves we were visiting but my Aunt explained we were honoring soldiers who had died. Afterwards, we always went to the park and had a picnic. I remember egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches crisply wrapped in wax paper, deviled eggs, Fritos, Cokes, apple pies and chocolate chip cookies. It was always a nice day but also serious in meaning.

Usually we use red, white, and blue dinnerware on Memorial Day but this year in AwesomeLand USA, we're using symbolic dinnerware colors. We're using our Poppy Fiesta dinnerware as a symbol of the Poppy that was the official remembrance flower of the American Legion. We're using Cobalt Fiesta dinnerware to honor the color behind the white stars on the American flag. And we're using Meadow Fiesta to symbolize the beautiful picnic park. I've always loved homemade chocolate chip cookies and apple pies. Louie's are super-duper! We don't have picnic tables under a shade tree like the park did, so we are having an indoor picnic.

Many, many young men, women, and military animals have lost there lives in service to our country. Even though times have changed, we can still honor them in a gentler, simpler way with a picnic this Memorial Day. No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have a memorable and meaningful Memorial Day!

In Mexico, Mother's Day is always celebrated on the 10th of May- no matter what day of the week it may be. This year is very special because Sunday, May 10th is the same day Mother's Day is celebrated in the United States. We're celebrating both American and Mexican Mothers today. Picking fruit and making special homemade treats is a personal and special way to celebrate. We're serving lemon bars on our Periwinkle Blue Fiesta dinnerware to honor all Mothers. So many of our Mexican American friends celebrate Día de la Madre here in the United States, we are wishing everyone a wonderful day. No matter how you celebrate, Have a Feliz día de la Madre :-)!


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